Artist Statement

I'm an emotional person! My paintings reflect that. I don't like "boring" so I try to bring an element of surprise into my art. Contrast. Colors. Movement. They are all "me" and, hopefully, keep my audience engaged.

Of course, I paint with brushes, but also apply paint directly from the tube, and I love to massage the colors with my fingers or to mush it in with paper towels. I use combs, spatulas and anything I can find that produces an intriguing effect. I also spray or drip water to add interest.

When it comes to naming a painting, I am often undecided whether to do it or not. Some viewers like a starting point. They want a reasonable explanation for the vision, but I think you should be able to see whatever you want to see. When you hang it on your wall, one day you may see a city. The next day you may see a landscape or a group of people. Or you can just focus on the colors, the shapes and the textures.

Abstract art uses your imagination and opens your mind.


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